I was hired by Innovation Lab to do the backend development for a web game called Lifehackers. It was a great experience to be a part of this project, and work in a small focused team, with great and skilled people. And it was also my first introduction to the Laravel framework which I have stuck with ever since.

The game

Lifehackers is a simple and fun game, where you team up with your colleagues and compete to get the most points and as a bonus reward get a healthier life.

Every week you can complete three quizzes and pick three challenges, that you want to complete in the following week. When you complete quizzes and challenges you collect points for you and your team. As you earn more points you also unlock artifacts. There is also a social stream where you can communicate with your team directly in the game. The game is running for 10 weeks, and ends with a winning team being nominated.

The target audience for Lifehackers is companies and organisations with more than 10 people.


Lifehackers is a web based game build with PHP and JavaScript.
For the backend we have used the PHP framework Laravel 3, and the frontend is build with Backbone and Marionette.


Backend - Martin Dilling-Hansen (me)
Frontend - Morten Najbjerg
Design - Jon Gotlev

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